The ECMI educational program in Industrial Mathematics
July 30, 2011

Via Saldini 50, 20133 Milano

This workshop is intended to present the international educational activities and scientific research in Industrial Mathematics which take place inside the universities of the ECMI consortium (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry).
The aim of the workshop is to stimulate the discussion between Industry and Academia to improve the educational programme, also by increasing the collaborations with Industry, via jointly supervised master theses, students industrial internships, modelling seminars, etc.
It is a side event of the ESSIM Summer School 2011.
The purpose of ECMI industrial mathematics programmes is expressed by the mission statement of ECMI:
  • to promote the use of mathematical models in industry;
  • to educate industrial mathematicians to meet the growing demand for such experts;
  • to operate on a European scale.
The main instruments in obtaining these goals are collaboration on the development of course curricula in mathematical disciplines relevant for applications in industry and commerce.

The ECMI Educational Programme

Various implementations of industrial mathematics programmes are available at the ECMI partner universities. Typically the programmes consists of a two year master programme (120 ECTS – laurea magistrale) which can be entered after a bachelor degree in mathematics or applied mathematics. Other educational backgrounds can qualify for entry but should be based on a minimum of three year undergraduate study at university level. The students can choose between two lines of study, the first one is techno-mathematics and the second one is econo-mathematics. 
  • Technomathematics covers subjects related to modelling of technical subjects as encountered in mechanics, pharmacy, electronics, chemistry, physics, bioengineering, civil engineering, etc. 
  • Economathematics on the other hand deals with problems like e.g. planning and scheduling, operation analysis, quality control, statistics, distribution management, financial decision processes and data communication.

Both programmes are running at the Universita' degli Studi di Milano, where students are trained also using modern software instruments for Statistics and Scientific Computing, like SAS, Matlab, MPI, etc.

The ECMI partner universities offer industrial mathematics programmes which typically include the following elements
  • a mandatory common course work for one or both of the two lines of study, techno-mathematics and econo-mathematics;
  • an individual selection of special topics;
  • practical training in mathematical modelling, organized in regular modelling seminars, and participation in one ECMI international Modelling Week; 
  • a master thesis project involving a real industrial problem, preferably carried out in an interdisciplinary environment involving participants from industry
  • a student exchange programme requiring each ECMI student to spend a period at another participating university or do a final master thesis project abroad;
  • team working, cooperation, communication with and presentations for mathematicians and engineers;
  • the master programme is international. The education is given in English.
ECMI provides a certificate to all the students who fulfill the requirements of the educational programme.

Recently also some joint or double degree Master programmes have been established inside the consortium, as a fall out of the Erasmus Mundus project ESIM and the Erasmus Curriculum Development project ECMIMIM.

Programme and movies

Not videorecorded:
  • 15.20-16.00 Open discussion