Participants eligible for IP funding

Participation Requirements: the ESSIM school is sponsored by the EU via the Italian LLP Agency. Participants are requested to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Only students and teachers from Partner Institutions can be funded by the IP
  • All students funded by the IP MUST participate to both the Preparatory Summer School and the Modelling Week
  • The students funded by the IP will be selected by a commission, whose rules of selection are stated below
  • Travel ticket will be reimbursed  only if the arrival date is July 17 and the departure date is July 31
  • All the IP related expenses MUST be payed by 31/8/2011, thus students and teachers are strongly invited to use e-tickets and let us have a copy of them in advance. In particular
    • a copy of the e-tickets are requested to be sent to the Local Organizers (mail to by the beginning of July;
    • Boarding Cards are requested to be sent to the Local Organizers (mail to by August 7th.
Travel reimbursement will not be guaranteed if the above indications are not fulfilled.

Selection rules information

The purpose of this Notice is to provide instructions concerning the selection procedure aimed at choosing the candidates to be funded by LLP Program.

Applicants eligibility

For what concerns admission of applicants, candidates must be students of Partner Institutions. Studies of candidates must include scientific areas and disciplines linked to ESSIM scopes.

Application process

Pre-selection at each Proposing Institution
Applicants should contact the local person of their Partner Institution for a pre-selection procedure. Applicants must have an electronic copy written in English of
  • curriculum vitae
  • the full list of exams given during University studies together with the obtained grades
The local contact of the Partner Institution will decide whether the applicant is eligible for the final selection for IP funding or not according to his/her studies and the scope of ESSIM.
After this pre-selection, eligible applicants must
  • compile an online form (the web address will be given by the local contact)
  • send their curriculum vitae and the list of exams (see above) by email to
Selection criteria of candidates
The first week of May, the Milan Local Committee will select the candidates that will be funded according to the following criteria: 
  • at least one candidate is chosen from each Partner Institution;
  • the Summer school is organized mainly for second cycle (master) students. Particularly brilliant students at the bachelor level and also a small amount of PhD students, at the beginning of their PhD studies, can be admitted;
Each member of the Committee will rank the Students of each Proposing Institution, according to their CV and exams. The best student of each Partner Institution will be then selected for funding. 
After this first stage, a pool of the best student of each Institution is formed. The best student is selected for funding by the Committee and replaced with another one of the same institution, until the selection procedure is over.

Expenses covered by the IP fund

Travel expenses, accommodation and meals. Please inform the Milan Local Committee for special requests (e.g., special diets) well in advance.