3) Mathematical Modeling of Bacterial Behavior in Biofilms - A Guide in Designing and Assessing the Conditions in Industrial Applications

posted Jul 1, 2011, 3:16 AM by Ecmi Milano   [ updated Jul 8, 2011, 12:01 AM ]

Instructor: Dr. Vasiliadou A. Ioanna

An understanding of bacterial processes considered in mixed-culture biofilms concerns many field and industrial applications. The aim of this project is to describe/simulate the behavior of bacterial biofilms, such as bacterial growth, diffusion/consumption of nutrients, and removal of pollutants, bacterial attachment and detachment. The task of the students is to develop mathematical models capable of describing the behavior of biofilms used in different applications, such as wastewater and water biological treatment, soil bioremediation, oil/biodiesel production, treatment of pathogenic biofilms resistant to antibiotics. Also, they will be asked to implement these models in a commercial numerical code, to find the numerical solution and to predict the performance of biofilms under various operating conditions. Mathematical models may be used as a guide in the enhancement of water, wastewater and subsurface bioremediation, biofuels production and the protection of human health.

Preferred mathematical background: Ordinary and partial differential equations, modeling and programming skills.